Utility Bill Automatic Payment Enrollment

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The Automatic Bill Payment Plan lets you pay your City of Lansing bill directly from your checking or savings account. The City of Lansing will continue to send you a monthly billing card. This card will show the exact amount that will be deducted from your account. There is no charge for this service. It can be canceled at any time.
How to Enroll:
1. Fill out the information below.
2. Completing the form authorizes the City for electronic entries to your checking or savings accounts.
3. Authorization will remain in effect until written notice of termination is delivered to the City of Lansing. In no event shall such termination be effective as to entries processed prior to receipt of such notice.

Funds will be withdrawn between the 18th - 22nd of each month.

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By choosing "submit" this authorizes the City of Lansing to proceed with the electronic entry to your checking or savings account.
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