For Attorneys

The City Prosecutor has an open file policy for discovery. When you enter your appearance for a client, you may include a request for copies of the police report and/or video recordings. Copy fees are $3.00 (police report) and $25.00 (video), and must be pre-paid. The clerk will notify you when the requested items are ready, and you can either pick them up from the clerk’s office or ask that they be mailed to you.

Since our prosecutor is part-time, she does not have set office hours for meeting with defense attorneys and our court does not have a formal “attorney plea docket”. The prosecutor does set aside 15-20 minutes before each scheduled court session to discuss cases with attorneys, so you are encouraged to talk with her at that time. Some of your questions can be handled by the court clerk, so feel free to call the clerk’s office or send an e-mail.