Court Procedure

The City of Lansing uses a standard Complaint/Notice to Appear form for citing violations. The back side of the form contains important information, including whether or not this matter requires you to appear before the court. Most minor traffic infractions can be disposed of by paying the fine and costs indicated on the citation. If you choose to pay the citation, you must do so prior to your court date (written by the citing officer on the front of the citation near the signature lines).

Payments can be made with cash, check, money order, or credit/debit card. You can pay the amount due by coming to the Police/Municipal Court office, located in Lansing City Hall, 800 1st Terr., Lansing, KS 66043, by mailing your payment to that address, by calling the Court office at (913) 727-3000, or by clicking the "Pay Court Fines and Fees Now" option in our online payment service (please note that there is a minimal fee for all credit/debit card payments).

If you choose to appear in court (or if a court appearance is required on your case), then please read the specific information listed in the column on the left.