Beginning July 1, 2012, Kansas cities are now allowed to publish summaries of regular ordinances in their official city newspapers if full versions of ordinances are made available to the public on City websites (HB 2166). This legislation was passed to save on publication costs. This legislation applies only to regular ordinances. Charter ordinances must still be published in their entirety for two consecutive weeks pursuant to Article 12, § 5 of the Kansas Constitution.

City of Lansing ordinance summaries and other required notices are published in the Leavenworth Times.

Click on the Ordinance numbers below to view the full version. Please contact City Clerk Sarah Bodensteiner at 913-727-3036 for Ordinances passed prior to July 1, 2012.

Recent Ordinances:

Ordinance No. 1010:  Apiaries - Chapter 2, Article 1, Section 108 City Code Text Amendments

Ordinance No. 1011:  Issuance of GO Bonds, Series 2018-A

Ordinance No. 1012:  Pool Fencing - Chapter 4, Article 8, Section 807 City Code Text Amendments

Ordinance No. 1013:  Condemnation Ordinance Wastewater Project 18-02

Ordinance No. 1014:  Parks & Recreation Advisory Board - Chapter 13 Article 3 City Code Text Amendments

Ordinance No. 1015:  2018 Codification of Ordinances for the City of Lansing, Kansas

Ordinance No. 1016:  Authorizing and Directing of Sale GO Bonds - Series 2019-A

Ordinance No. 1017:  Rezone Request - 00000 North Main Street

 Ordinance No. 1018:  City of Lansing Fee Schedule Update and Adoption

Ordinance No. 1019:  Roosters - Chapter 2, Article 1, Section 104 City Code Text Amendments

Ordinance No. 1020:  Cereal Malt Beverages - Chapter 3, Article 2 City Code Text Amendments

Ordinance No. 1021:  Adoption of the Unified Development Ordinance for the City of Lansing, Kansas

Recent Charter Ordinances:

All Charter Ordinances are published in their entirety in the Leavenworth Times for two consecutive weeks.

Charter Ordinance No. 1-2016: Exempting the City of Lansing, Kansas from K.S.A 14-103, 14-201, relating to the election of officers, their terms of office, filling Governing Body vacancies, transitions to November elections, the appointment of officer, and nomination petitions; and, providing substitute and additional provisions on the same subject in cities of the second class, and repealing Charter Ordinance No. 1-2012.

Charter Ordinance No. 1-2018: Exempting the City of Lansing, Kansas from K.S.A. 12-1218, 12-1219, 12-1220, 12-1222, 12-1223, 12-1224, 12-1225, 12-1226, 12-1255, and 12-1258, relating to the operation of the Lansing Community Library.

Recent Resolutions:

Resolution No. B-7-18: DeSoto Road Project Award of Contract

Resolution No. B-8-18:  GO Bonds Series 2018-A

Resolution No. B-9-18: Wastewater Project 17-04 and 18-02 Project Authorization

Resolution No. B-10-18:  GO Bond Authorization Series 2109-A

Resolution No. B-11-18:  Support for the Kansas PRIDE Program

Resolution No. B-1-19:  GO Bonds Series 2019-A

Resolution No. B-2-19:  Transient Guest Tax

Resolution No. B-3-19:  CIP Project Support for Mid-America Regional Council

Resolution No. B-4-19:  Enabling Resolution for Wastewater Project 18-02