Community Services

Child Car Safety Seat Checks
The Police Department has several officers who are state certified in the installation of child safety seats. This service is offered during special events and on an appointment basis. Plan on about 30 minutes per seat for a proper inspection and installation.

The Police Department provides this service throughout the year. Children are photographed and fingerprinted at no charge to the parent. The parent is given the information for use in the event the child becomes lost, abducted, or otherwise unaccounted for. This program can be offered at a wide range of venues, including school fairs, block parties, and other gatherings. Please coordinate this program well in advance as it is manpower intensive.

Lansing Safe Homes
The Police Department manages a program that offers safe homes where children can go when they are lost, scared, or just in need of help. The homeowners must clear a background and criminal check and meet a variety of other requirements before being allowed to participate in this program.

Neighborhood Watch
The Police Department has a COP Officer who will assist neighborhoods with implementing a Neighborhood Watch Program.

Vacation Home Checks
The Police Department offers residents an opportunity to have their homes checked by police patrols during vacations, business travel, or other times when residents are away from their home for long periods of time. Residents must come to the Police Department to fill out a request form.